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    JAN A time stamp

    JAN In the name of architect and respect design philosophy

    JAN One of the largest and most influential International design company

    JAN Winner of numerous international architectural design award

    JAN Dream design, city of beauty

    JAN Platform for creating master of International design

    JAN Stage for creation of International design master

    JAN The beginning of January, the standing point of the time                                                                                                               





  • Dynamic brand品牌動態
    Fujian Putian survey urban and rural planning work On December 10th, Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of Jayne International Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Jain International Senior Strategic Partner, Academician of t...12 13,2018
    Wolf • D • Prix: One kind of construction can be like a cloud Reporter: Why Does your firm called Blue Sky Group (CoopHimmelb (l) au) your architectural&...02 09,2015
    Road design exploration of Cao Xiao Xin [External] & story building architect behind the design Beijing to build a space for culture and media today, we will tell the story of the architects ...02 09,2015
    Xi an office design The rapid development of Xi an, near the airport for michael sorkin Architects designed using the new office building is under construction and will be the ...02 09,2015
  • Master library大師庫
    alexander jan bankman Alexander jan bankman JAN design, founder 2010 from "United States artists" issued by the Organization "USA FELLOWS" United States mos...
    Eric Dubosc Eric Dubosc 1985 Partner, Atelier Dubosc et Associés, France, 2011 Chief architect, The Dubosc &Associca Architectural Design Firm The owner of Ordre ...
    Robert Hadden Robert Hadden Mr Robert was born in Ireland,Growth in the British York ,Early layer,he  traveled around Europe and America , his professional exp...
    Jon Eric Riis Jon Eric Riis Obtained the “USA FELLOWS” American most outstanding artist by “American Artist” organization in 2011, Renowned international fiber art ma...
  • Career field事業領域
    Program Landscape planning refers to the area within the scope of the landscape planning, from the Angle of the area, the area of the basic features and properties....
    Construction Construction, refers to that offer space for human activities, or have internal space structure of planning, design, construction, and then use the behavior...
    Curtain Wall Curtain Wall Curtain Wall is the outer walls of the building enclosure, not heavy, like a Curtain hang on one sample, so it is also known as the hanging Wal...
    Design Design is one kind of plan, planning, vision through the visual form send out the activities of the process. Human civilization through labor reform world, ...
  • JAN DigitalJAN數字

    Ye Ming sky is one professional development architectural animation and multimedia production company.

    Architectural animation refers to the performance of the construction and construction-related activities generated animated movie. It is usually the use of computer software to show the designer's intent, allowing viewers to experience the feeling of space architecture. One general architectural animation based on architectural design drawings on a computer professional to produce a virtual building environment, location, building exterior, building interior, landscape, facilities, people, animals, natural phenomena, and so can be dynamically exist in the built environment, you can browse to any angle.

    Architectural Multimedia (Multimedia for Architecture) is one kind of new media performance technology, it is the presentation of designs, drawings, animation, narration and background music and other content via computer integrated processing and integrated to form one species can also be played in sequence complex forms of media interworking, it has a high efficiency of information dissemination, site conditions and less influenced by other advantages, more and more architects tend to form groups which use this media exchange program. With the improvement of standards in the construction industry, building design presentations and multimedia applications in exchange occasions will be promoted by one step。

    JieEnMing Ye sky digital technology co., LTD., will give jayne platform designers with wings of dream to let the designer's wonderful idea perfectly display in front of the viewer, by means of science and technology will be jayne international reflects one of the most important aspects of the comprehensive strength.



    Jieen Lu Ban BIM Consulting Ltd.

             Jieen Lu Ban JAN BIM Consulting Ltd. will uphold international and Luban software culture to the international architectural design and Chinese architectural design service provider for high-end technology background, commitment to advanced management ideas and information technology, to promote the Chinese construction industry to enter wisdom of the era, Jain Luban class will be another one a heritage in the cradle of Western blood, in Luban software JAN international and leadership, will likely lead to one farm building revolution.

             One kind of BIM technology is used in engineering design and construction management of data tools, you can plan the project, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and eventually dismantling the entire life cycle process and transmit data sharing for collaborative decision-making provide support. So BIM technology can be run through the building lifecycle. BIM model but not a single one model, BIM software is not a single one software. One project the whole process of the applsication is the best, but the application of a single stage can get great value. 



    Zhejiang, Yu Zheng fed Quartet cooperation











    Modern media Plaza







    Science and Technology Museum









    Shanghai Disney





  • Display case案例展示
    Lingyunyingang project name Lingyunyingang project location Shanxi
    Roadway Garden project name Roadway Garden project location Anhui
    Handan passenger hub station Handan passenger hub station
    Complex of 51 Units Housing and a Neighbourhood Library Complex of 51 Units Housing and a Neighbourhood Library France Client: OPAC de Eure Program...
  • The honor of JANJAN榮譽
    Jon Eric Riis Obtained the “USA FELLOWS” American most outstanding artist by “American Artist” organization in 2011, Renowned international fiber art master. Once obt...
    Alexander jan bankman Alexander jan bankman Get organized by "the artist" issued by the "USA FELLOWS" the title of America's most outstanding artists, onl...
  • The strategic deployment戰略部署


    Jan International Design Co. Ltd. (JAN) is headquartered in Beijing China, Jan has set up Hong Kong branch, Shanghai branch, Shenzhen branch, Chongqing branch, Xiamen branch, and Qingdao branch in China. Jan has already planned to set up South Korea branch, Japan branch in Asia, and in the near future, it is going to establish branches in Germany, Australia, Singapore and other places. At present Jan is qualified in designing architectural, planning, decoration, curtain wall, urban greening, environmental protection and many other designs. 

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